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Whether you are trying to attract new business or you are interested in going through and updating your home, knowing how to craft a nice sign can be a very helpful skill. It isn't always easy to know how to grasp someone else's attention, but by doing the right things, you might be able to completely overhaul your experience. I started thinking more and more about signage a few years ago, and I decided to dedicate this entire website to being able to recognize and handle great marketing ideas. Check out this site for tips that could help you each and every day.



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Pros and Cons of Using a Blade Sign Outside of Your Store

The right signage outside of your store can not only alert people to your presence, but also compel them to enter — which might turn a passing motorist or a pedestrian into a loyal customer. There are many different types of signs that can augment the look of retail space from the exterior, but one sign that is particularly appealing is a blade sign. This is a sign that is mounted to the outside wall of the premises and that hangs down. Blade signs can be any shape but are generally smaller than other signs that your business might use. Consider these points about blade signs before you decide if you should get one.

Pro: Visibility From A Different Angle

When a business has a sign mounted flat against its exterior wall, it's visible for those who are a considerable distance away and who are looking straight at the building. For those who are walking past it on the sidewalk, however, the sign may be awkward to see. A blade sign is ideal because its face is perpendicular to the front wall of the building, allowing people to see it with ease. The use of a blade sign may be the difference between someone stopping to visit your store and walking right past it.

Con: It Doesn't Work Alone

A business generally won't want its only exterior signage to be a blade sign. This type of sign doesn't offer a high degree of visibility from afar or from certain angles, so it's more of a complementary sign. This means that you'll need to get both a conventional sign and a blade sign if you like the latter idea — which obviously costs more money. While some businesses can afford to spend more on their signs, not every business can.

Pro: Ability To Be Stylish

Because a blade sign is usually your second type of exterior sign, you don't need to worry about cramming it full of relevant details such as your phone number, website, and more. This gives you the ability to get creative with your blade sign and choose to do something stylish. The approach that you take depends on the type of store and your overall look, but you have the potential to catch peoples' eyes with a creative sign design. 

Con: Its Space Is Limited

Because blade signs tend to be small, you'll need to be selective about how you use the space. Not every store does a good job of designing its blade signs, which can render them fairly cluttered and thus ineffective. Keeping this space issue in mind, you'll need to work with a talented sign company that can give you the outdoor sign you're going for.